8 Methods to Reduce Heat in Toddlers Effectively

Methods to reduce fever in toddlers can be tried by giving adequate breast milk, compressing warm water and taking paracetamol or ibuprofen. The method of reducing heat in toddlers can be tried by giving him enough breast milk

Sometimes fever is mistaken for a disease in toddlers. In fact, this is an indication that indicates the presence of certain diseases. Even though it is only in the form of indications, how to reduce heat in toddlers also needs to be observed by parents.


Then, what are the methods of reducing fever in toddlers that can be tried? Here’s a full description.

How to recognize when a toddler has a fever

Reporting from the Association of Indonesian Pediatricians (IDAI), the normal body temperature for toddlers is 36.5-37 degrees Celsius. Toddlers are considered to have a fever or heat if their body temperature reaches more than 37.5 degrees Celsius.

You might think that the temperature is very large. However, toddlers do have a higher body temperature than older people.

You must first measure your toddler’s body temperature using a thermometer to determine whether they have a fever or not.

Heat in toddlers can be caused by various things, such as viral or bacterial inflammation, sore throat, fever after immunization, to be out in the heat for too long.

Fever is a sign that a toddler’s body’s immune system is fighting inflammation that occurs in the body.

In some children aged 6 months to 5 years, fever can cause seizures. However, this condition … Read More

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