Baby Care, How to Take Care of Babies from Birth to Toddler

Baby care tips include how to care for babies from birth to toddlers. Having a healthy and cute baby is a dream for every mother in the world, for that as a mother we need to know the care that is good for the development of the baby. For my best friend, Ayu, who has become a mother, I congratulate you, because a friend has become a perfect woman.
Caring for a baby is not something that is difficult and easy to do, it only requires a little special expertise in performing care, such as patience, thoroughness and compassion. For friends who will become prospective mothers and do not know how to care for babies who are right and right, friends can follow the way to care for the following babies.

Lifting a Baby
For prospective mothers, lifting a baby is not something that is normal to do, especially if we do not have the experience of the baby at all. For this reason, here is a way to lift a good and right baby.
Standing facing him, insert one hand under his head and neck, and the other hand into the baby’s butt.
Lift slowly and gently towards the chest, then turn his head towards the elbow curve, then support his body with the mother’s arm.
When placing it, hold the head and pantant. Pull the hand from the buttock first, then pull the hand under the head.

Bathing a Baby
Bathing a baby is a difficult thing to do, especially if we do not have the slightest experience to bathe the baby, for that a mother needs to know correctly how to bathe the right baby.
Before the mother bathes the baby, you should first prepare all the bathing needs, such as towels, bath soap, baby clothes and baby cosmetics. After that prepare warm water (36 degrees – 37 degrees Celsius) or feel warm on the elbow of the mother’s hand, and release the baby clothes gradually.
Bathe the baby from the face, head, chest and other areas.
After that, clean the eye area from outside to inside using moistened cotton.
Rinse from the area of ​​the head, face, neck, chest, arms, back, and pay attention to the crease.
Use shampoo on the head and fill the baby’s body part using a washcloth soaked in warm water.
After that, rinse with water until clean and dry using a soft towel.

Caring for the umbilical cord
For newborns, of course they still have umbilical cord attached to their body, for that I will provide information on how to care for the following umbilical cord.
After you have finished bathing, clean the surroundings and the bottom of the umbilical cord with a gauze soaked in water, then dry and wrap again with a new gauze.
The umbilical cord area must remain dry and clean, avoid closing the area with a diaper.

Replacing a Diaper
Changing a diaper is easy, but it also requires a little skill in replacing it, because if it is not cleaned properly, the baby’s skin will become blisters.
Change baby’s diaper every time it’s wet.
Clean the area of ​​the baby who has been urinated first with clean water and dry it with a small towel or tissue.
After drying, give a curl to the groin and back folds to avoid blisters.

Sleep the baby
A baby needs to sleep 16 hours a day, with a restless night’s sleep, interspersed with several waking times. Babies do not have a fixed sleep schedule until the baby is 5 weeks old. To make the baby feel more comfortable while sleeping, you should try the method below.
• Bathe the baby with warm water that has been dripped with baby bath.
• After finishing bathing, massage the baby with baby oil or lotion.
• Create a comfortable and quiet atmosphere in his bedroom.
• Mothers can try to read stories and sing lullabies, or put babies with baby powder.
• We recommend that mothers use baby products that smell soothing, but are safe and clinically tested.